Welcome Family and Friends

Time to start "Branching" out. (I would like to make some extra money to pay for this habit). If you know anyone interested in having their family history put together, please give them my contact information.

This website was created after some consideration and totally losing my mind. It's meant strictly for fun and enjoyment by all. I have great hopes that along the way it will educate those of us who have been interested in our past and of course, our current families futures. This has been my hobby for years.

I do my best to keep the database information up to date.  (and have provided the most updated list below) For now, I do still have a full time job as well as this (more than) full time hobby, so please be patient with me.  And, if you have ANY information that would be helpful in my research of our families, please send me an email!  ANY information is better than no information.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Additionally, don't forget to take a moment to look at my Flickr Photo Gallery where a bulk of my genealogy photos are. This is a work in progress, but I hope to use it to share all sorts of information.

Please stay for awhile and enjoy yourself. Someday, someone may ask who we were, or Where We Came From, and there will be at least some documentation, picture and possibly even a story.

Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, and start clicking!

 Surnames last updated

Rector - Updated - 1/27/2017*

Christophersen - Updated - 1/27/2017*

Glade - Updated - 1/27/2017*

Marsh - Updated - 2/20/2016

Stark - Updated - 2/20/2016

* - New Format

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